Spa Jet Vichy

Spa Jet Vichy

The jet spa body bed is a unique capsule bed that relaxes the body and mind. Utilising steam and infra-red to warm the body, vibration to stimulate lymphatic drainage, and Vichy jets of water to rinse and soothe you this is a unique and luxurious treatment!

All our spa jet treatments start with a full body aromatic sea salt scrub to deeply exfoliate, stimulate and smooth the skin, you can then just lie back for 30 minutes under the warm steam, infra-red and vibration with the music taking you away to a relaxing stress free place…


If you are feeling tired sluggish dry or have put on those extra kilos then add either a hydrating, detoxing or slimming wrap to bring you back into balance!

While your body wrap is processing steam and infra-red will keep you warm, the vibration will assist with drainage of the body, coloured light therapy will balance the energy systems, at the end of the wrap gentle vichy jets of water will rinse and soothe whilst the music takes you away to a faraway place of calm and peace totally releasing any stress and tiredness.