Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure & Pedicure

A manicure is a beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. At Brighton Beauty + Medispa our highly skilled, professional and hygienic nail therapists are able to offer you a nail experience like no other.


For the busy natural woman, this manicure includes: clip, shape, soak with cuticle cream, push back and trim the cuticles, buff and shine and

a coat of nail strengthener to protect the nails. This is a quick 30 minute treatment to beautify the hands.

Deluxe manicures

This luxurious relaxing treatment includes: clip, filing and shaping the nails, soaking the fingernails, pushing back and trimming the cuticles, followed by a forearm and hand exfoliation. A moisturising forearm and hand massage and your choice of nail polish. *Why not add CND Shellac for the fingers for an added cost!


Our luxurious pedicure is a beauty treatment for th feet and toenails. At Brighton Beauty + Medispa we only use disposable plastic liners in pedicure bowls. Great hygiene and sanitation practices are of the highest standard ensuring a safe and enjoyable pedicure treatment.

Mini Pedicure

This pedicure is for the busy person, a clip, file and shape, soak in bath magnesium salts and bubbles, push back and trim the cuticles, and your choice of polish. This quick 30 minute pedicure will transform the look and feel of your feet!

Deluxe pedicure

We begin this pedicure with a foot soak in a disposable lined foot bath that is infused with bubbles and magnesium mineral salts to relieve fluid and tiredness of the feet. We then clip, shape and file the toenails, exfoliate the calves and feet, soak again. We thoroughly push back and trim the cuticles and remove callus from heels.

Finally we massage the lower legs and feet and follow with a polish colour application of your choice.
*Why not add Shellac for the toes for an added cost!