Laser Therapies


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Laser Hair Removal

At Brighton Beauty + Medispa we have been specialising in hair removal for over 20 years, with our new ELUX810 Laser and the fastest, least painful and most effective laser on the market, we are able to offer competitive, safe, effective and fast laser treatments on all skin types and colours. A males back is treated in less than 10 minutes! The laser works by producing a collimated beam of light which is targeted to be absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft. The light energy is converted to heat, which heats the follicle and destroys the hair cell resulting in progressive permanent hair removal.

A Free consultation with every client before the treatment is recommended to fully explain the process, to identify the area to be treated, to advise on how to prepare the area before treatment and to discuss an estimate of the cost of the treatment.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Tag Removal

Diathermy / Red Vein Removal

Brighton Beauty + Medispa offers treatments to reduce and remove vascular blemishes like treat-like veins or dilated capillaries found on the cheeks, chin and nose areas or just all over the face, neck and decolletage. When a particular frequency of light is applied to the capillaries, the light absorbs, it coagulates (cooks) the capillary. Results vary but most will see a significant improvement instantly in one treatment.

Tattoo Removal

Getting rid of a regretted tattoo can often involve surgery or skin grafting (or both) which can often result in scarring and thousands of dollars spent. Brighton Beauty + Medispa uses the amazing COSJET ART Q-switched laser which removes tattoos, safely, with a precise top hat beam allowing its super high speed light to smash tattoo ink by a stable even beam resulting in consistent breakdown of ink, safely and effectively! Initial consultation is required to assess the tattoo(s) and explain the treatment, give and estimate of costs and length of treatment. The number of sessions to remove a tattoo with laser depends on factors such such as the age & colour of the tattoos.