Electrolysis is a progressively permanent form of hair removal that has been performed for over 120 years by trained doctors and electrologists. Electrolysis involves inserting a very fine needle into the hair follicle and applying a very small electrical current that permanently destroys the hair cell and follicle.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal treatment available for grey hair, white hair, fine blonde and fine dark hair.
Electrolysis will also remove dark hair however laser hair removal is the preferred treatment as it is a faster treatment and can cover a larger area very quickly, laser hair removal is also offered at Brighton Beauty +Medispa.

At Brighton Beauty +Medispa we specialise in all hair removal techniques, our professional, highly knowledgeable electrologists with over 20 years’ experience will use these methods to ensure that the best and safest treatment in electrolysis is provided-

  • Only disposable needles are used under a strict hygienic environment.

  • The electrologist will only insert into the hair follicle, not skin.

  • The electrologist will know the depth of insertion as not to damage skin.

  • The electrologist will apply the right amount of current for the right amount of time (to not over treat and damage skin).

A 10 minute session is generally sufficient, however you can have up to an hour of electrolysis depending on the area being treated.

With electrolysis, there is no down time a slight, light redness may be experienced that can be covered with a light dusting of mineral powder.

*A free and thorough consultation on how the treatment works and what the best method of removal is for you is offered before any treatment is performed