Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing also known as semi-permanent make-up has been around for over 50 years. The word tattoo originates from the tongan/Tahitian word tatau, meaning mark or strike!

The original method of cosmetic tattooing used ink dyes that would turn and fade into green or blue, (not flattering on an eyebrow or lip line). Ink dyes can also contain harmful ingredients like lead, arsenic and many more hidden nasties!

At Brighton Beauty + Medispa like most good cosmetic tattoists we avoid ink dyes completely and only use natural oxide pigments for a natural look and to avoid allergic reactions.
There are hundreds of colours available that are safe. When used by a skilled and experienced cosmetic tattooist the result will accentuate and enhance your natural beauty.

What is cosmetic tattooing?

It is the micro-implanting of oxide pigments into the dermis, done with a cosmetic tattoo gun. The tattoo gun utilises different disposable needle configurations and different speeds to suit a given area and the look desired. The needles are dipped into a disposable cup of dye and when run over the skin the tattoo gun vibrates the needles up and down as we glide over the treatment area. The dye is implanted into the skin.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The cosmetic tattooist will draw or dot with a surgical pen the desired result that you are happy with. A high strength and effective topical anesthetic is placed over the treatment area for 30 minutes, once anesthetic has taken effect the tattooist will wipe off the anesthetic and begin the procedure. If any discomfort is felt a tag anesthetic gel is also used to numb more deeply and quickly once the skin is broken. At Brighton Beauty + Medispa your comfort is a priority. The actual implanting of the colour can take between 15 minutes and up to an hour for some areas.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment the treated area will appear brighter and darker than what you are used to, slight swelling may persist for 24 hours and may be slightly tender. After the healing process (usually between 2-4 weeks) the colour blends into the skin and settles into a natural look. A touch-up/perfection visit 4-6 weeks later is included in your price, this is to perfect and make sure the colour is even and enough to last for an average of 3-5 years. A touch-up is recommended every 2 years to keep the eyes and eyebrows looking consistently good!

Benefits :
  • Barely no time needed in the mornings to get ready
  • Enhances small and pale eyes
  • Dramatic and more defined eyes
  • Reduction of gaps in the eyebrows
  • Correction of eyebrow inconsistencies
  • Thicker and darker eyebrow enhancement
  • Re-shape and redefine eyebrow area
  • Re-define lip shape and colour
  • Overall younger looking you! Like a mini-facelift
Are treatments painful?

Everybody has a different pain threshold, some feel it more than others, the pain is far less painful than conventional body art tattooing, as the machine is much smaller and gentler. At Brighton Beauty + Medispa we provide the most effective topical anesthetics that numb the skin, this minimises any discomfort. For more information and before and afters, a free consultation is provided with our highly skilled and experienced (over 20 years) cosmetic tattooist.

Your cosmetic tattooist will provide you with aftercare procedures to take away with you.