Have you got stubborn areas of fat on your thighs or stomach? Then Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming is the answer!

Cavitation is effective for:
  • Fat burning
  • Body shaping
  • Skin tightening
  • Cellulite reduction

Ultrasonic refers to sound frequency (vibration) focused ultrasound energy, which is applied to a selected area, most commonly thighs, stomach and upper arms. The ultrasound waves shake and implode which favours emulsification of the fat cells, making them weaken and release fat into the lymphatic system.

  • Treatments generally last for 40 minutes.
  • 72 hours must pass between treatments.
  • 6-10 sessions are recommended for best fat reduction.
What can be treated with Ultrasonic Cavitation?
  • Cellulite
  • Fat reduction
Who is suitable for Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Most people can have this treatment. Those areas with localised fat (thighs, abdomen, and buttocks) are most appropriate but there is no real limitation to areas of body.

Is Ultrasonic Cavitation a painful method of reduction?

No, Cavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness and slight warmth is experienced. The treatment is perfectly tolerable.

Is Ultrasonic Cavitation a safe treatment?

Yes, it is a non-surgical procedure without anaesthetic. No downtime is experienced.

Can you lose weight with Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Cavitation is not a method to lose weight but to reshape the body as inch loss is experienced.

What long term results can I expect?

You can achieve your ‘Volume Reduction’ of fatty tissues and ‘toning of the body.’ The results are more noticeable over a number of weeks as your body clears the broken down fatty tissues. The results will vary in individuals. A healthy diet and exercise will certainly compliment and improve results.

How many sessions are required?

Depending on your health, your body and targeted areas. It is recommended between 3-12 treatments, however you will see results from the first session onwards.

What are the contraindications?
  • Tumours
  • Pacemakers
  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Acute inflammation
  • Cutaneous lesions
  • Epilepsy
  • Metal plates in the body
  • Gall bladder/liver dysfunction
How often can I have treatments?

The body takes about 72 hours to eliminate the fat from each session, therefore we recommend an interval of 3-4 days between treatments. Ongoing monthly maintenance will enable you to maintain body shape.

What should I do Pre and Post treatment?

Drink plenty of water (1-2 litres) the day before and the day of your treatment, also 1-2 litres the day after your treatment. Drinking water is necessary part of the treatment to facilitate the elimination of the broken down fat. Also, if you don’t mind lemon in you water, we recommend a little lemon on your water as this will also help the body to regulate its metabolism and act as sugar absorption.

Are there any side effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation?

On rare occasions, mild side effects such as transient redness, thirst or nausea immediately after the treatment, which is invariably resolved by drinking water. Most clients find that they can return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

On which parts of the body is Ultrasonic Cavitation most beneficial?

Areas with difficult to move fat deposits. Common areas include the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, and both inside and outside of upper arms.

Does Ultrasonic Cavitation work on cellulite?

Yes, it is highly effective on cellulite by focusing the cavitation effect on the superficial fat tissue. Best results are obtained when the ultrasound is applied in conjunction with the radio frequency (RF) treatment, which tighten and tones the skin.

*NOTE* Ultrasonic Cavitation, when combined with vacuum plus radio frequency aims to immediately break down fat and help move fat out of the area. It also tightens the skin through strengthening and restructuring the existing collagen, reducing wrinkles and stretch marks, and lift sagging skin due to collagen weakness. Ask our professional and highly qualified staff for the best program for your skin and body. Packages are available! Please contact us on 8296 7854 for more details.