Body Treatments


Body Polish – Slim Wrap – Full Body Massage – 120 mins – $225

Begin your journey with a salt scrub infused with aromatic essential oils to smooth and prepare your skin for a luxurious mineral rich body wrap that will re-mineralise your body releasing excess fluid and toxins. Finishing with a full body massage to relax the mind and body using a nourishing blend of macadamia and calming essential oils.


Deluxe Pedicure – Full Body Massage – 120 mins – $155

After our signature full body relaxation massage you will experience a pedicure like no other! Our deluxe pedicure has your feet soaking in a relaxing bath of epsom salts and rose petals, before we cut, buff, scrub and polish your toes to perfection!


Infrared Sauna – Full Body Exfoliation – Slim Wrap – 90 mins – $150

The perfect way to re- energize or kick start your health goals. Beginning with an infrared sauna to detoxify, improve circulation, relieve sore muscles and boost metabolic function you will then experience a full body exfoliation to smooth the skin and increase absorption of your full body slim wrap. This wrap works by re-mineralising the body whilst ridding it of excess fluid and toxins.


Full Body Exfoliation – Hydrating Body Mask – Ultimate Facial – Full Body Massage – 180 mins – $275

Begin your decadent 3 hour experience with our signature blend of essential oils and mineral sea salts to polish the skin. A hydrating body mask will then be applied to replenish moisture and leave you feeling soft and glowing. From there you will experience a full body massage rich in calming essential oils on our heated massage bed before our Ultimate Facial which combines microdermabrasion, ultrasonic infusion and LED light to nourish and regenerate the skin. A must try package exclusive to Brighton Beauty and Medispa.

Body Massage

Take the weight off your feet and relax and soothe and nurture the mind body and soul.

Let our skilled and professional massage therapists nurture you with our amazing, relaxing and therapeutic full body massage or back, neck and shoulder massage. Using the highest quality macadamia base oil infused with the finest essential aromatherapy oils to soothe relieve and uplift your body and soul.



Body Exfoliation



Spa Jet Vichy

The jetspa body bed is a unique capsule bed that relaxes the body and mind utlising steam and infra-red to warm the body, vibrated to stimulate the flow of lymph and to drain the lymphatic system and vichy jets of water to rinse and soothe the body.

All our spa jet treatments start with a full body aromatic sea salt scrub to deeply exfoliate, stimulate and smooth the skin, you can then just lie back for 30 minutes under the warm steam, infra-red and vibration taking you away to a relaxing stress free place.

Body Wraps

For centuries spa body treatments have been embraced for their revitalizing and therapeutic effects. These treatments can detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalise your skin.